September 26, 2014


 My investment strategy was based on competing in Powerlifting and strength gains.

"To start, I did my research. Then, like achieving powerlifting/strength or fitness goals: I set up a solid base, put in hard work and knew the goal might not be reached for years. But, I never took my eye off of what I wanted to achieve. Actually - it has been a lot of fun!

Plus - I had faith in myself and my program."

 After researching all possible investments for two years in the early to mid 2000's I decided the best investment for me would be property in my home province of British Columbia.

My program was/is: purchase as much fully serviced (ready to build on) strategically located land as I could. 

The Base:
By land.
I purchased property in Kittimatt, Prince Rupert and Logan Lake (also, a town home in the Lower Mainland) . All three (four including the town home) pieces have great surrounding infrastructure and potential.

The Preparations:
Pay off your investments.
Remember, this is fully serviced land (x3) so there will be no short term payoffs (ie rent). Sacrifice for the future.

The Achievement:
A really big windfall in the end.
Three very valuable properties in the future. They are ALREADY well on their way. Kittimatt has tripled and Prince Rupert has doubled.

Much like a powerlifting, strength or fitness goal...


The Base:
Setting the specific goal.
Double body weight bench press, triple body weight deadlift, a particular squat, championship, lose weight etc.

The Preparations:
The training and hard work.
Productive activity, a labor of love.

The Achievement:
You have reached your goal!
And, learned a lot about yourself along the way.

Investment strategies and powerlifting/strength/fitness programs are obviously very worthwhile pursuits. For a successful future they are at the very top of the list - or should be. Look long term and enjoy the process - you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. 

( Jody Cranston / Investments ).
( Connection: Corporate / Strategy ).