October 12, 2015


Jody Cranston and his good friend Kirk McLean

My favorite day of the year to walk around Vancouver is always late September on "Raise a Reader Day". This is a day when Vancouver gets it right! Radio stations with their music blaring, police, firemen and local celebrities all selling Vancouver Sun newspapers on downtown street corners to raise money by donation to for reading and literacy awareness. A complete party atmosphere! This year was particularly special for me because my eight year old daughter Taila is doing really well with her school work and reading.

The Vancouver Canucks are also involved! I am a lifelong Canuck fan and have great ‎memories of going to the Pacific Colosseum to watch hockey games with my Dad. My father and I even witnessed the Stanley Cup being hoisted live in 1982. Over the last 10 years it has been great to walk around and see : Stan Smyl, Hendrik Sedin, Trevor Linden, Blair McDonald, Darcy Rota, Kevin Bieksa, Jacob Markstrom and many others interacting with fans for a great cause.

The best part of the morning for me though is getting caught up with my good friend Kirk McLean. I used to see Kirk all of the time at The Pantheon Athletic Club when I worked there in the past. Kirk is a great person and a classy individual - it is always great to see him. Plus... he is also my father's (Pat) and my all time favorite Canuck.

I know someday Captain Kirk will be Taila's favorite Canuck hockey player too.

Video of Kirk:
Kirk McLean - Greatest Canuck  Series
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